Lancia wants to revive the Delta model

Lancia wants to revive the Delta model Italian Lancia brand, which is part of the Fiat group, has decided to revive its legendary model Lancia Delta, produced in the eighties and nineties of the last century. This solution could be described as logical, given the rather meager lineup Lancia currently, and also low levels of sales.New to be built on the platform model Alfa Romeo 159. Recall that this model will replace the Alfa Romeo 156. Traditionally, Lancia Delta will be a five-door hatchback, and its design is developed by the specialists of the Lancia brand. Externally, the new product will resemble the recent concept car Lancia Fulvia, and will receive a very dynamic and stylish appearance.To complete the Lancia Delta is planned about the same set of engines as the Alfa Romeo 159, including modern diesel engines, Fiat. In addition, like its Italian cousin, the new Lancia will also receive a four-wheel drive.01.06.2005.

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