Avtopodstavy in new York

Avtopodstavy in new York Series avtopodstav swept across new York in their organization accused of a certain Alexander Tarasenkov who came from the former USSR, reports the new York Times.Law enforcement agencies of new York filed a criminal case against a large group of Automechanika - immigrants from the former USSR. They are accused of mass organizations "dummy" accidents with the aim of obtaining insurance.Criminal network organized accident mainly in Brooklyn and Queens. For examination of the damage rogues have used the services of corrupt doctors who now also pass on the case as witnesses and accomplices.Profit from operations was divided equally between the physicians, by the crooks and lawyers who handled the case against insurance companies.Insurance payments under such incidents in the United States reaches $50,000 for the accident. The investigation suspects that part of the money was directed to the development of commercial activity in Russia, however, direct evidence for this method of laundering money yet.Source: "Behind the wheel".

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