Mazda MX-5: evolution instead of revolution

Mazda MX-5: evolution instead of revolution The history of the most successful Roadster in the world began in 1989, when the MX-5 started to be sold in the USA under the name Miata. Classic adsera layout: two seats, front engine and rear-wheel drive, easily lifting the roof and the lowest price immediately made the Miata bestseller. To date, the sale of two generations of the MX-5 amounted to 700 thousand cars. Next year will be presented to the next generation, which will arrive in showrooms in early 2005.In creating the image of a new generation MX-5 competed design centers from Japan, Europe and the USA, but in the end, won rationality. Scot Moray Kollam, brother chief designer Jan Kollam, has developed an evolutionary design model, which was approved in Mazda.The new generation MX-5 will be based on a shortened platform rotorangi coupe RX-8, however, the gasoline engines will remain. Under the hood will be able to accommodate four-cylinder engine volume of 1.6 and 1.8 liters with power from 110 to 200 HPThe most striking design element is the front part, solved in the new `pentagonal` style Mazda. Well, the taillights now have transparent covers. Naturally, in the spirit of the last time, double car will be slightly larger than its predecessor. This will have a positive impact on the car, driven by high drivers previously did not feel very comfortable. The roof will remain soft, as the hard top was rejected due to high cost.The price of the underlying options Roadster will match the price model, which is now sold on the market in Europe, prices start from 20 thousand euros.31.01.2003.

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