European team Of tested tires Avon

European team Of tested tires Avon Day after presentation of the tests in Vellinge team has tested tires Avon used in the series. In addition to tests of rubber, some teams had a sample of potential pilots.Three riders - Augusto Farfus, Fabrizio del Monte and Roman Rusinov worked with Avon tires version next year. New tires showed a significant improvement in the behaviour of the car, allowing half a second to reduce the lap time.1. A. Farfus, Draco - 1.04,202. F. del Monte, GP - 1.04,813. R. Rusinov, GP - 1.04,904. "Babalas", Fama - 1.05,105. K. Brown, Great Wall - 1.05,446. He Gardel, Draco - 1.05,507. M. Pellegrino, Victory - 1.05,528. M. Malucelli, Great Wall - 1.05,729. Of the Russian Federation. Sperafico, ADM - 1.05,6010. R. Ribeiro, Draco - 1.06,9211. M. Cresson, Victory - 1.08,0012. O. Nuytens, ADM - 1.08,60.

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