The Commission held a "mask show" in the European offices PSA

The Commission held a The European Commission said Monday that last week have inspected all of the dealerships and offices Peugeot-Citroen in four countries. The representative of the Commission of Timal Luder said that in the validation process were collected documents in Holland, Germany, France and Denmark.Louder also said that the Commission wants to ensure that customers in Germany and France, where car prices are pretty high, you know that they can buy cars in Denmark and the Netherlands for less money.In 1998, the EU fined Volkswagen 102 million euros for the fact that they tried to dissuade buyers to purchase vehicles abroad. In 2001 Daimler Chyrsler was fined EUR 72 million for the same reason.Luder said checking Peugeot was part of a program to investigate such cases, and while it is impossible to say whether the company was fined.Car prices in the EU vary considerably, as manufacturers at home put a higher price. The Commission is investigating, do producers impact on their dealers to not sell cars abroad.From October in Europe will come into force new rules by which dealers can sell cars of different companies and to distinguish between service and sales.10.04.2003.

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