Mark's Wife will replace Ralf Schumacher in the BMW WilliamsF1

Mark's Wife will replace Ralf Schumacher in the BMW WilliamsF1 This morning, the driver of the BMW WilliamsF1 Ralf Schumacher finally parted with hopes for the title as his team took the decision to withdraw him from the race for health reasons.In early September on the tests at Monza, Schumacher Jr. was involved in a severe accident. He received a concussion and a few days she suffered from headaches and dizziness.To the Grand Prix of Italy Ralph felt better and on Thursday could safely undergo a medical examination with Professor Sid Watkins. However, after the first day of competition of the German pilot again felt bad - he resumed severe headaches. The team decided not to risk the health of their rider. Today and tomorrow in Monza at the wheel of the second blue and white car will be the test pilot and a spare racer mark Williams Wife.On Saturday before the first practice chief engineer for BMW WilliamsF1 Sam Michael said: "this morning we decided to give Mark the maximum amount of time on the track before qualification. The night before Ralph felt bad, and we decided to remove him from the competition. Of course, in Indianapolis, he will be back behind the wheel, but it is obvious that he will lose the chance to win the championship. Now we focus on how to mark took a better place and helped us in the fight for the Cup of Designers.Mark's Wife acted in Formula-1 199-m - 2000 for the Minardi team. He spent 33 Grand Prix. His best result was 6th place at the European Grand Prix-99. Three last season, the Spaniard was the main test driver for BMW WilliamsF1. This year mark has also performed in the world racing series Dallara-Nissan.13.09.2003.

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