Rusyns: "Victory in Le Mans is very important to me"

Rusyns: Great was Roman Rusinov racing debut in endurance. On the eve of Muscovite, speaking for the team Courage, won in its class prestigious 1000-kilometer marathon in Le Mans.In the "absolute" crew Rusinova (except Muscovite in its composition were Belgian WIM Icons and San marinez Enrico Ascione) finished fourth."It was a very tough race," says Roman. - Quite a long time the track is watered by rain, causing a lot of cars went for a "walk" outside the track, putting on canvas the gravel and dirt. Greatly hindered lagging on a range of machines.The race, according to a team developed the plan, started WIM Icons. He started from the eighth position in the overall standings and by the end of his two-hour "session" made it to fifth place (some time Icons was the fourth, but then missed the front of her car team Intersport)."Vim to last rode on rain tires," says Roman. - This gave him a significant advantage early in the race and didn't, when the track began to dry out. In addition, we are less than others spent time at the pit stop"."In the second part of the race when I had to go to me, the team put slicks, continues Rusyns. It was a huge risk, because in some places there were puddles too slippery, too dangerous. But it worked! I was able to gain such speed that by the end of my shift I was already ahead of nearest rival by six circles!".Completed the race Ascione. He kept conquered Rusinov position - got the go-ahead the finish flag fourth overall and first in his class.Recall that, according to the rules, the top three winners in each class receives a guaranteed place at the start of the legendary 24-x cf card slot marathon, which will take place in Le Mans in mid-June."This victory is very important for me and for the whole team, because before the race we had a huge test to work," said Rusyns. "We finished fourth in the absolute and skipped in front of himself, only much more powerful machine. The team worked perfectly, the machine had no problems - we, I think, deserved holiday. And winning champagne!".10.11.2003.

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