MPV from BMW will be!

MPV from BMW will be! Now, sources in the BMW claim that MPV under the Bavarian brand will appear. It seemed that the statements of the BMW that no carriers under this brand will never appear, had to put an end to disputes about what is hidden under the veil of secrecy - well you never know, the concept that leadership rejected. However, honing in on the reservation Punk that BMW plans to introduce on the market the more spacious model was able to obtain new details about the future novelty. The car is presented on the photo - computer drawing that was created on the basis of several spy photos, design sketches and information observers, who saw the trucks owned by BMW, with a strange car.Future compact MPV with a code name sc5 pack will be allocated to the hire of the fifth series and on the platform which it is built. It's really not a minivan or compact MPV, and the car is classified as MPV (Multi-Purpose Vehicle). To compete in the market the car would have, in particular, with Mercedes-Benz GST. Punk not twisted soul, when he said that the car will be created in the spirit of BMW. It is expected that BMW MPV will present in 2007 at one of the dealerships in the U.S., there will be the main market for this model.Interestingly, at present, prosecutors in Germany are investigating the case of disclosure of business secrets of the automobile manufacturer BMW. It is just about photos and sketches sc5 pack. Currently, the police carried out searches at the offices and homes of suspects. By the way, this is the second leak of information in a short period from BMW. The first happened when the Internet appeared dealer brochure for future BMW third series.02.11.2004.

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