The cars of the future will not need a driver?

The cars of the future will not need a driver? In the near future cars will be able to see, talk and move without human intervention. These features should help drivers cope with the difficult situation on the road. Such machines is the result of a four year project "Invent" conducted by the Federal Ministry of education and research of Germany and 24 automotive enterprises. The results of the research in the field of driving, driver assistance and traffic safety will be applied in mass production. For the project the Ministry has allocated 32 million euros, and the remaining 41 million provided companies participating.Some prototypes Invent installed equipment, and radars for better overview. Using sensors located in the tube machine can stay at a safe distance from the next car. In addition, the car slows down and moves, because his office is responsible electronics.During the trip the camera is fixed categories of vehicles, road markings and signs. For example, the car sees a Stop sign and warn the driver about it. If the driver does not react, the car will stop itself.In the near future, Siemens VDO will begin mass production system "Floating Car Data", which provides the navigation system of the vehicle information on the situation on the road. Similar technology from Ford additionally informs about possible routes avoiding traffic.The cars of the future will be able to communicate and navigate in street traffic. For example, when turning on the emergency brakes, the car sends a signal to the next car behind him. The first prototypes of "sociable" cars were manufactured by DaimlerChrysler in the framework of the project "FleetNet". Together with Audi, BMW and VW they are working on the adaptation of these technologies to production standards.29.04.2005.

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