In Russia appeared first Navigator with VGA resolution

In Russia appeared first Navigator with VGA resolution "The MacCentre" presented at the Russian market of ready-to-use kit car navigation with VGA resolution that is intended to guide in Moscow and the Moscow region. With it, the owner can determine your location and get directions to any desired location or object on the map.Pocket Navigator PN 4700 consists of a pocket PC HP iPAQ hx4700 and the PocketGPS Pro Moscow program, the winner of the competition from Hewlett-Packard among business programs. The kit also includes all the accessories needed to install the Navigator in the car and its comfortable use. Specially adapted iPAQ hx4700 version of the program, combined with its high performance allow all navigational services to work much faster than other handhelds, according to developers.With Pocket Navigator PN 4700 driver can navigate the city with the help of a large chetyrehhodovogo screen with VGA resolution. It features user - map of Moscow and Moscow region with names of streets, metro stations, house numbers and other useful and important information.The program allows you to perform an address search and find objects of urban infrastructure. If you want on the way to stop at a gas station, a Parking lot or somewhere else, you can use the built-in database, which contains over 20 thousand records. If desired, this base you can add your own list of "favorite" objects. Follow the route to the user help voice messages and visual cues on the screen."Never before has a small pocket computer was not so useful to those who are far from "high technologies", says the emergence of new project Manager PocketGPS Alexander Kolobov. - Any driver will be able to easily find a route to the destination. Following the voice and visual prompts of the program and even not knowing the way, he'll easily be familiar in an unfamiliar area. And the installation of the Navigator in the car it will take less than five minutes.".

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