Jaguar C-Type 1952 will be sold under the hammer

Jaguar C-Type 1952 will be sold under the hammer A piece of history Jaguar will put up for sale. The vehicle-Type 1952 next month will be auctioned by Christie"s, the expected price of the rarity - from 1 million 750 thousand to 2 million 180 thousand euros.Model XK120C, based on luxury XK120 convertible, there are only 53 copies. This sports car is capable of accelerating up to 240 km/h, became the winner in the 24-hour race at Le Mans in 1951 and 1953.In 1950 Jaguar has decided to participate in the 24 hour Le Mans race, in order to assess the capabilities of their vehicles. The first time the company had failed - failed to finish in the top three, because after 21 hours at Jaguar, who was the first to have issues with the clutch. The team understood that the machine should be easier, and aerodynamics is better. So there was XK120C.For weight loss has been chosen a new frame, changes occurred in the XK engine, taken from the production model.Three of the car S-Type was finished just in time for Le Mans in 1952. Then favorites were Ferrari, Talbot and Cunningham, but all three machine-Type immediately took the lead. But in the end only one of them managed to take the championship.The next year was less successful Jaguar. Frightened by the rumors of a new Mercedes, the developers have made the body of the C-Type, more streamlined, thus improving aerodynamics. However, the time to test it was not, and as a result, all three cars fell out of the race due to overheating.But S-Type did not give up. His next secret weapon steel disc brakes, which until then had only been used on aircraft. They allowed the Jaguar driver to press the brake pedal is much later than their peers, not fearing for the safety. Eventually Jaguar again became the champion and took second and fourth places.18.05.2005.

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