Developed new system for inflating tires

Developed new system for inflating tires Technology of production of tyres is constantly evolving, but so far no one has been able to make these tires, which would be gradually released to the air and which would not need to disappoint. New the EnTire system has become a pioneer in this field.The EnTire system works on the principle of a peristaltic pump. Simply put, it's a small tube and valve. During each revolution of the wheel the pressure is used to pump air through the tube into the tire to a certain level. If, for example, the desired pressure of 3 atmospheres, and real - 2,8 - the EnTire system will hit the missing 0.2 atmosphere.The implementation of this technology should reduce the number of accidents that happen because of kanakakunnu tyres, moreover, that according to statistics the majority of drivers check the pressure considerably less than required.The EnTire system was developed in Prague, Czech Republic, company with the same name. A company representative said that the emergence of new technology `masses` will take place within 18 months, reports CarKeys.27.05.2003.

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