Home win Reznichenko

Home win Reznichenko Only one win odals to win the Russian athletes at the stage of European motocross championship in Dmitrov: "home" race in the touring Division 1 was won by detrolcanine Ilya Reznichenko.In the category "large" buggy excelled Czech Vaclav Fejfar, and the victory in the final 1600-cubic buggy celebrated German Dennis Engel.Division 1In Dmitrov came sixteen participants "body" class, and Russia was represented by twelve of them. And our athletes, as in all previous stages of the season, fought in the Division fighting for the victory.Three-time champion Rustam Minnikhanov (he first appeared on the stage of the championship of Europe on the Puma, and the Volkswagen Golf) was the author of the best time in the free practice and winning two qualifying race of the three, has won a place in the first row of the starting field. Company of Kazan on the first line of the starting grid was the winner of the pole position Reznichenko Ford Puma Turbo 4x4 (he also won two qualifying sessions) and defending champion Airat Shaimiev on the Peugeot 206 WRC.Reznichenko soared into the lead at the start and during the first lap was subjected to fierce attacks by Ayrat Shaimiev, which, in turn, seriously pressing Minnikhanov. For Minnikhanov, however, the race ended at the end of the first lap when he made a mistake, turned around and then with a damaged machine left in the "closed Park".Reznichenko with who continued the fight for the victory. Ilya leadership and has not relented, and by the end of the finale was even able to break away from the current champion for three seconds. For Ilya, this victory was the second for the season and second in Dmitrov (before Reznichenko was home won the race two years ago).The third finished the leader of this season - Radik Shaimiev on Toyota Corolla WRC. Best of foreigners was finished fourth last year's winner Dmitrov stage - Latvia Gints Beans on the Volkswagen. The top five rounded out Christian Giarola (Italian piloted the Toyota Corolla).Division 3AThe main favorites Dmitrov stage was considered the leader of the championship, the German Dennis Engel and Muscovite Roman Kolesnikov, who won the previous stage in Kazan. Alas, to win a second consecutive Dmitrov race Kolesnikov and failed - at the start he was dropped in the middle of the pack, and at the end of the first round the team leader Gazprom had to retire due to a broken suspension.In the absence of the Novel, the reigning champion Engel led the final from start to finish, beating nearest rival Peter Turek from the Czech Republic for five seconds. The third was another German - Hagen, Stubner.The best representative of our country became a partner Kolesnikov team Victor Dmitriev, received the final go-ahead of the fifth. Nicholas larks from Nizhnekamsk was classified seventh.Division 3The victory in the third Division celebrated Czech Vaclav Fejfar, for whom this was the first triumph in the category "large" buggy. Vaclav had already won in Dmitrov twice (in 2000 and 2001), but in the standings 1600-cube machines.From the start Fejfar went second, behind themselves Petr bartoЕЎ. However, after a few laps, under pressure Fafara, Bartosz made a mistake and fell back to second place. His position he maintained to the finish, for a split second ahead of the third race winner Ian SMRA. Two-time winner of the Dmitrov stage Yaroslav HoЕЎek at the finish was only the fourth...The next stage of the European championship for autocross will be held over three weeks in the Czech Pserve.The European championship for autocross8-th stage, DmitrovDivision 11. I. Reznichenko (ENG, Ford Puma Turbo 4x4)2. A. Shaimiev (RUS, Peugeot 206 WRC)3. R. Shaimiev (RUS, Toyota Corolla WRC)4. , Beans (LV, VW Golf Mk4 Turbo 4x4)5. K. Giarola (I, Toyota Corolla 4x4)6. A. Arvandan (RUS,VW Golf Mk3 Turbo 4x4)7. C. Fatkhutdinov (ENG, Ford Escort WRC)8. A. Karasevich (RUS, VW Golf Mk3 4x4)9. R. Minnikhanov (RUS, VW Golf Mk3 Turbo 4x4)10. I. Rakhmatullin (RUS Seat Leon 4x4)Division 31. Century Fejfar (CZ, Volkswagen)2. P. bartoЕЎ (CZ, Ford)3. Ya Smrz (CZ, Tatra)4. J. HoЕЎek (CZ, Ford)5. L. Ribeiro (P, Audi)6. R. Svabinsky (CZ, Peugeot)7. C. Kraska (CZ, Tatra)8. A. Alanin (LV, Volkswagen)9. Ya ЕЎtД›tina (CZ, Audi)10. R.

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