VAZ has risen by a quarter - Car

VAZ has risen by a quarter - CarSummer - time to reduce the demand for cars. However, dealers Vase is in no way affected. Despite all the economic laws, Volzhsky plant decided to raise prices. Apparently, to keep up with cars that are more expensive.On June 10, AVTOVAZ for the third time this year introduces new selling prices to its dealers. Of course, corrects them upward. Expensive cars will arrive in Moscow next week.On average, `VAZ` cars will be more expensive for dealers of approximately 2%. But it's still what to use for the calculation of `average temperature in the hospital`. Classic and `Fields` rise in price only 500 rubles, `four` - fifteen hundred, and 16-valve machine `tenth` family - 10 thousand rubles - more than $300. By 3500 factory wrapped `Samara`, 4000 - restyled version and station wagon 11-th model, and `tens` and `twelfth` will be more expensive for 4500 rubles.Representatives of JSC `AVTOVAZ` declare - higher prices for cars `meets the approved plant program pricing, the purpose of which is to ensure production efficiency`. Naturally, the demand for products of the plant, the main parameter used to raise or lower rates. Recently the demand for VAZ cars consistently high. This is largely due to the increase of the duties on imported into Russia cars older than 7 years. It is no secret that this category of cars was the main rival of the Vase. Now vuzovtsy went on the attack on the Russian consumer, who after a government decision and that there was no place to go. To buy a new car in Russia or bring 3-7-tapped from abroad can afford not everyone. Besides cars also tend to rise - not only in Russia (for example, not so long ago, Toyota has raised the price of Corolla at $500), but in Germany, which is associated with the growth of the Euro.In the end, VAZ prices are rising by leaps and bounds. The growth of prices for 5 months with a small already exceeded the results for the whole of last year.Despite the fact that the asking price VAZ small cars this year has changed less than 7%, their market value has grown by almost 20%. In may, retail prices rose by 3.2% in March and April price increases at AVTOVAZ dealers was even higher. If to be more specific, since the beginning of 2003 prices for classics and `Samara` has grown on average by 27%, `Fields` almost 30%, and `dozens` of 23% - nearly a quarter. For example, in Moscow `ten`, in the beginning of the year cost $5600 for 5 months rose by an average of about $800-900.According to the press Secretary `auto world`, one of Moscow's largest dealers Vase, Alexander brook, retail prices for this change if you react, it is very slightly: `Machines has risen this year. So now they are unlikely to grow more than 2%`Now in Moscow dealers sell cars purchased under the old selling prices, but the cars at the new prices will arrive in Moscow next week or two. And only after that will it be possible to say how the next higher prices for Vases will affect the wallet of the consumer.13.06.2003.

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